I don’t use it as much as I used to since Ozone has it sown little built-in parametric EQ, and I usually have that on the master buss somewhere, but this used to be my go-to plugin for all kinds of different EQing. Waves Q10 Paragraphic Equalizer Plugin. The computer that runs with the system is an Apple G5, and within this configuration I’m able to run the plug-in without any issues whatsoever. Installing Waves q10 was quick and easy. Each of the ten bands of EQ has the standard parameters of gain, frequency, and Q bandwidth.

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The plugin itself is mostly meant for the master buss, but you can use it on whatever you’d like. I’ve never had a crash while using this plugin, and that goes for paragrapgic of the Waves plugins I’ve used.

For q1, the utility of the Q10 is for ‘subtractive’ equalization. With power and features that far surpass the capabilities of analog equalizers, the Q10 lets you create special effects and spectral modifications that range from subtle to extreme.

It’s got really extreme notch filtering. Q10 plug-in on is a Pro Tools HD system. They waves q10 paragraphic eq seem super rock paeagraphic, and in something as mission critical as a recording environment, that’s a huge plus.

Did you find this review helpful? Waves has been around for a long time. The H-Eq from Waves is another option because it gives you the option of both digital filters, and analog modeled filters.

By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. Authorization can be completed using an iLok or any USB memory stick or with the Waves Authorization application if you computer is connected to the internet. It is great to have some analog modeled eq’s in your arsenal, but it is also essential to have a digital eq available whenever you are trying to avoid adding analog waves q10 paragraphic eq to a recording.


The sound quality is good and it is definitely a good option when looking to use an EQ plug-in. Q10 isn’t one of the newest plug-ins that Waves has to offer, it is still a very powerful es of software. I almost always load Q10 in my first plug-in slot to find any ‘harsh’ frequency regions in my recorded signal. Advanced noise-shaping for optimum fidelity.

Each of pagagraphic ten bands of EQ has the standard parameters of gain, waves q10 paragraphic eq, and Q bandwidth. Log in Become a member. Granted that it is an HD system, I would be able to run one of these on every track in a single session if I wanted to without issues.

During the 90s, they released a plugin that was a parametric EQ. While it isn’t free, it is sold at a cheap price and is worth it to me to have another option like this in my DAW – this is definitely worth a look. With power and features waves q10 paragraphic eq far surpass the capabilities of analog equalizers, the Q10 paragrsphic you create special effects and spectral mod The interface of the software is definitely user friendly as anyone who understand the basic parameters and ideas associated with EQ will be able to figure out this plug-in rather easily.

Performance is still the same, but it’s just a pain with the way Logic implements that bridge application because the plugin doesn’t remain visible in the background.


Waves Q10 Paragraphic Equalizer quest – Recording Forum

The ease of the interface makes it easy to do what I want it to waves q10 paragraphic eq. The only problem with the Q10 is that you are not able to analyse the sound but if you combine the Q10 with the PAZ Analyser than you have giant possibilities. I’ve been using the Mercury bundle for the past six or so months, and it’s been a wonderful experience.

The plugin itself doesn’t take up much RAM or processing power which is another plus. It also sounds good on electric guitars. Wait found my Ears! There are also stereo input and output gain sliders to control the levels going in and out of the plug-in. There’s an old trick I developed where I notch out frequencies from white noise until it becomes harmonic.

Q10 Equalizer

When in the video Fluff shows the mixer, you can see on the first slot of the EZDrummer’s Ambient channel the Q10 more. It has always run flawlessly on this paragraphiic up and I am able to run a few of these at once. While this isn’t the cleanest sounding EQ when compared to some of the newer models that they have to offer, it still has a very good sound that offers up a whole waves q10 paragraphic eq of precision.