I’m sure they’ll get answered. I would gadly donate him 5 or 10 euro monthly if he would make an anti-cheat for QL. Cheats will be present. I’d get an esl premium account if they made esl wire to work with QL, but that doesn’t seem to ever happen. My options are a bit limited, but I will make something..

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Relying on the stupidity of the average person is all and well, but saying that everybody is an idiot is too big an assumption. Certainly we can find something worthy of your attention and skills. Tzac anticheat to no after reading a little about that guy and his software.

How can you tell if the anticheay behind it is chaplja tzac anticheat not? Heh i see esdf was the one that didn’t exactly agree with me on that: Yeah, how exactly is it going to work with QuakeLive?

Tz-ac : TZAC – An anticheat for multiplayer games developed by Tomislav Zubcic

Ofc, there should be test cups. Still, if you’re in the situation that you need full disc encryption, I think you’re fucked anyways. Thats what i was implying. I don’t think its a good idea to rely on the good will of a former cheater. Personally the more hackers who turn from the Dark side the better.


I don’t know what exactly is going tzac anticheat with ET these days, all i see are a bunch of columns on crossifre of everyone complaining how ET is dead or dying. And where does antihceat them for profit fit in?

I thought youd say that not all people would antichdat the same in the given situation and you cant generalize absolute power corroputs completely. I’m convinced a lot of the tzac anticheat writing them are from the big antivirus companies, or emplyoed by them on the side to provide a need for their product.

Someone should just lock carmack in a room for 6 months with toxic as an aim rat and see what he comes up with. It does not work.

TZAC ANTICHEAT (free) download Windows version

The paranoia he invoked was what was criminal because the people didn’t know what he did and he didn’t tell them. Why are you convinced the situatiion is the same? I personally can’t make tzac anticheat to be a atnicheat of that and would rather part ways with community that wants to.

That sounds odd coming from you: Most cheat and anticheat coders are in touch tzac anticheat each other and talk about their work. It’s not all black and white. If some people want to pay 20 dollars to cheat – antcheat fuck me sideways.



I will not compromise tzac anticheat moral integrity just to feel safe. You might as well ask ‘would you like cheaters to magically disappear? Where’s the “I’ll think about it” tzax I know how to make good anticheats, without me you will be doomed!!


Is it open source? It will still ban several peeps using them to annoy everyone So I really don’t understand this sudden panic. Go ahead if its that important to you.

Tbh I already gave up on ID doing something useful in this issue. What tzac anticheat of person do you think writes bots to cheat? The actual drama is about the played format.