Is this my browser problem. Graha balamemi rama, anugraha balame balamu http: Dear Mantha, This has been a persistent problem. Pakkala Nila padi http: But your work is great. You may approach the following website – www.

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Eeva sutha nee vvandi daivamu http: He was a prolific composer and highly influential in the development of the South Indian classical music tradition. Dear Sri Prasad, There was an error in the link address. In short I am not able to use the jumping capability either kderthanas the top or from in between the page.

List of compositions by Tyagaraja – Wikipedia

Thank you for the great service. Oh Rajeevaksha orajoopulu http: Hecharikaa rara hey Ramachandra http: Paraku chesina nee kemi http: Part of a series on. Kadalevadu gaade Ramudu http: However, if it still is, thyagzraja you happen to have a PDF version a single document of these kritis? Even if you send it, I regret that I will not be able to include it in the tyAgarAja kRtis in my blog, because I feel there is no justification for it.


Words thyagaraja swamy keerthanas me to express my gratitude and thankfulness for the marvelous work done by you and your team.

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Music lovers enjoy Thyagaraja keerthanas

I have approached Tyagaraja Kritis only from bhakti point of view. I have corrected it. Now the navigation works. Ninne nera namminanu http: Karu Vel puli neeku http: Sri Gana Nadham Bhajamyaham – http: I have published these also with due remarks.

Music lovers enjoy Thyagaraja keerthanas

My expertise limits to finding raagas by listening and random similarities to krithi. Nannu brova neekintha http: Ne nendhu vedakuthuraa-Hari http: If you could indicate the language of the Kirtana Mostly in Telugu and a few in Sanskrit one can easily choose the Sanskrit Kirtana when ever needed.

Please update this file. Rama, Rama, Rama na pai nee dhaya http: Bhaja Ramam satatam Manasa http: Please can you check the kritis: Prahladha Bhakthi Vijayam -act4 -http: Thursday, December 29, English meaning of Thyagaraja Krithis arranged in alphabetical order. Varija nayana nee vadanu – http: Recently I came across an interesting story somewhere.


Shri Ram, Please raise your query with www. Thanks for pointing out the error.