Well, whatever you want. Mint juleps and plantations. How do you know? But I’ve gotta say grew into a pretty fine soldier. You really gonna blow yourself up? That’s the job, Miles.

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Translation of “Revolution S01E14” in English

Or it would have been war. Monroe set a nuke to Atlanta. I didn’t kill him. You really gonna blow yourself up? Revolution s01e14 in down, I get you. Two-man strike team smuggled across s01d14 border. This will tell you everything you need to know.

He said you did something to my mom. This is bigger than what happens to you and me. How we gonna get him out?

Revolution S01E14 – video dailymotion

Kelly He wants your real estate. This thing kept your son alive. Miles We can’t go to war. Alec’s gonna detonate where the people are. We have killed too many people.


Revolution S01E14

Alec, do you copy? How we gonna get through? And you’re saying to save him, you wouldn’t revolution s01e14 done it all again? Alec, e01e14 mission is a go. According to our reports. We’ll never find Alec or that bomb revolution s01e14 Miles. I’m gonna help you. He wouldn’t do that to me. I did it for the republic. I strongly suggest that you drop this. They do more than keep the power off. That’s just for starters. It’s not magic, but it might as well be.

Open up a second front.

Revolutiob mean, you’re the new me, aren’t you? Make sure you always come back alive. Non none of it mattered. And he’s deranged enough to use it.

Revolution s01e14 Episode Script | SS

Did you ever think that kid would make captain? Miles, what do we do? Isn’t there at least a little chance that I’ll see you again?