Option to have Create flow gizmo always on. Stopped the mesh leak error when remapping the wrap mesh to object in the edit mode. Added a demo scene showing the draw spline system. Fixed FXD parser for when there are different grid dimensions for velocity, smoke and grid fields. The video is a little teaser of the system playing back a Fluids dynamic simulation a RayFire Fracturing object animation and a Particle Flow system exported from Max and imported into the Unity Shuriken system by MegaCache. Fixed Terrain Carve gizmo being offset from the loft. Fixed FFD handles not changing mesh while dragging.

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Added a method GetLocalPoint float dist, float crossa to WalkLoft script to allow you to easily get a point megafiers unity3d the loft in the local space which can be used for steering controls etc.

Fixed megafiers unity3d in the Undo system for Unity 4. Added beta option to inspector to save a Texture3D to the project for the current frame, can be used by GPU shader or particle systems such a TC Particles. The video is a little teaser of the system playing back a Fluids dynamic simulation a RayFire Fracturing object animation and a Particle Flow system exported from Max and imported into the Unity Shuriken system by MegaCache. Move gizmos are now only shown for the currently selected knot.

MegaFiers made Unity compatible. Added Init Lattice context menu option to reset the Lattice points on a bez patch object. Added a beta of a new Point Cloud import and playback system.

Greatly sped up the Wrap mapping process.

Mega-Fiers – Asset Store

Beta of megafiers unity3d 2D flows, if Z Grid is 1 then the system will use an optimized grid interpolation and z flow component will uinty3d 0. If the MegaFlow Particle component is attached to a particle system you dont need to select a particle system to use, the system will use the object. MegaCache is available for purchase on megagiers webstore, and will soon be in the Unity AssetStore, you can find out more about the system by cheking the Megafeirs section of the website by using the mneu bar on the left.


Added weight option to Morph channels to allow adjustment of each channels contribution to the morph, useful for progressive megafiers unity3d. Path Deform animation option works in Distance mode as well as percent mode. Fixed the morph example in the demo scene not working and added megafiers unity3d example morph channels.


megafiers unity3d Firstly we fixed a small bug in the multi threaded morphing system which meant some vertices might not be moved correctly and you might have noticed a flickering on your moprhing object, this is now fixed. Fixed exception in Terrain Carve if no Loft Layer selected. I think a trip to Barcelona is called for Click megafiers unity3d image above to play the video to see the Aquariums in their full glory. Megafierw little promo video for MegaFiers that shows a few selected features of the system.

We also added Unity Blendshape support to the wrap system so if your wrap object had Blendshapes they will still work now. Fixed a problem in Unity 5. Patreon Page April 18th, No comment.

Splines now default to Free Handle mode for editing. Added new InterpCurve3D method which will return the postion, twist and also rotation quaternion for a point on a spline.

Added option to ring display to adjust alpha value. MegaFiers has been updated again, this brings numerous changes, some bug fixes and a couple of new features. There are components to control the Unity particle systems as well as a component you can attach to any rigid body object that will then allow that object to megafiers unity3d influenced by the Vector Field.

Changed file sequence importers to work without need for split character or format number, so now works correctly. Just a quick post to say that all our Assets are fully Unity 5 compatible and will import into your Unity 5 projects with warnings megafiers unity3d need for the Unity auto update tool etc.


We have made available a new version of Megafiers unity3d that fixes some issues with the new Multi Material Complex loft layer and also reduces the vertex count in the loft. Have you ever wanted to simulate a wind tunnel in your game, or have leaves of snow blow through your village flowing naturally around buildings, speeding up down alley ways or settling slowly in the lee of an obstacle, Lava flowing down a volcano side or Waterfalls cascading over rocks, Or a car stirring up leaves as it drives along a road in Autumn, vortices for your plane wings, perhaps an object floating along fast moving water, tornadoes, or even simulate gravity around unigy3d in space, if so then MegaFlow can megafieds.

Option added to force calculation of normals on import, this will override any normals in the OBJ files. Small optimisation to the volume selection modifiers. Some changes for latest Unity Fixed mouse offset issue in dynamic ripple modifier if using a box collider which has a non zero center value. Added new options to the conform modifier to allow you to use the down axis of the object, so megafiers unity3d conform on to objects from megaiers directions, useful for conforming to say megafiers unity3d sphere.

Fixes for errors megxfiers building for Windows App platform.