Once that’s done, go in the room directly south of him, and break the pot for a Potion. Break the jars to get a Speed Source. Now there’s no turning back. Open the closet to get a Sanity Pill. Now you can catch monsters from the field. But why do they desperately want the mayor’s real son? Go to the room with all the jobs in the Hunter’s Guild and read the second ad right of the stair set.

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Then go up for another one of those Pucci dudes. Those stats are listed below, in the boxes. Here, there are 3 pots and ulfia switches. These stores are your main source of equipment, and monsters will be your main source of income as well as selling your older gear.

Lufia: The Ruins of Lore FAQ/Walkthrough for Game Boy Advance by Athanor – GameFAQs

Go inside and open the chest for a Magic Guard. The Black Lufis Items: This process takes no more than a few hours and we’ll send you an email once approved.

The “Knight” class gives a character increased strength, but lower intelligence, yet the character must have obtained a master rank in “Swordsman” before lfuia can become one.


Continue going down, and cut away the bush lufia ruins of lore the middle of the plus-shaped formation for a Power Source. These move you the way they point. This is for later. Apparently the women are being kidnapped. See the end of the chapter for more.

Lufia: The Ruins of Lore – Walkthrough

Head to the previous room and go south. You’ll see some stairs to the right.

Continue south, whip to the east, go south and make your way to next screen. Go down in the arrows and get the Wind Armor from the chest. Kill it, and go down the entrance. Go north to the next screen. Just wait, wait again, and then bid, and ruiins get the Moon Stone for G.

Some abilities are just plain overpowered. Their primary goal is to scour the world in search of a powerful monster known simply as “The Beast”, that, once under their control, would all but insure lufia ruins of lore conquest of the world. There, head north, push the barrel left and throw your whip north on the pole.

There will be a conversation. You’ll see 3 jellies. To fill your IP bar, you need to take damage in battles. Which leaves you and Aira left; it ends up with a battle lufia ruins of lore him.


Download Lufia – The Ruins of Lore Rom

Cut away the bushes and drop down the hole it’s urins to see because of the smoke but it IS there. You will now overhear a conversation; one of the items is sold, the other is still on the ship. You’ll also learn about Gratze’s intentions, and that Eldin has been cursed back there. Inside is 10G x2 and an Earth Fruit. You learn a new skill each time you go up a job level. His dungeon lufia ruins of lore ability is the ability to cut through bushes in dungeons.

However, you may want to go back on Gruberik’s road, on the screen right after the blacksmith if you enter from the north There you can whip to a big spider web. Well, it hasn’t been a while since last update, but a finally completed walkthrough is first priority, isn’t it? You’ll jump to the other side.