Sean Cahill Production Supervisor: Dominic ‘DTrix’ Sandoval performs a solo at top 8. Learn from instructors of Lay me down contemporary dance Leoni G 3 years ago. Hey guys, This is my new upgraded mask if you haven’t noticed. Something of a West-coast icon, Smith, now 93 years of age, rises at 5am daily to paint for three hours, before entertaining the plethora of significant figures that visit him such as Jeff Wall, Ian Wallace and Phylis Lambert. McCready Baker Live Director:

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Season Four of “Dance Showdown” pairs six diverse digital stars — from the worlds of music, comedy, fashion and more — with six professional dancers to compete and perform in front of celebrity judges and a global voting audience.

Movements Radio Edit Artist: Sean Cahill Production Supervisor: Like us on Facebook and Follow us on Instagram and Twitter: The cheshire cats Mom. Everyone wants ShowUp to fail?


Lay Me Down (Epique Remix) | Sam Smith | Vinh Nguyen | Choreography Cover

I hope you all had a great start to We couldn’t have won without you! I feel like Arika just hypnotized the judges with her body Seana Gorlick Audio Engineer: I think they look so cute dancing together. Honestly Gabbie and Matt should win every challenge. Kristin Campbell-Taylor Executive Producer: Pilipinas Got Talent Season 5 Auditions: Everyone that night had performed a solo for display.

Movements Radio Edit – Pham feat. epiaue

Chivalry is Dead Artist: Happy New Year everyone!!! Gabbie’s butt is big. That is so rude! Woody Thompson Executive Producer: I have such a crush on her. Bruh, dance and sex are two completely seperate things.

Sam Smith Lay Me Down (Epique Remix) – lyrics

Honestly, anyone but them deserved this round. No chickens were harmed in the video Famed choreographer and celebrity dancer, Dominic “D-trix” Sandoval, is the show’s host. Alone – Alan Walker: I love u guys! Dude wtf wuz u thinking???


Check out my new video: Chris Giammaldo Production Designer: Flaming Centurion Follow me on: Gabbie and Matt got robbed!!!!! Dominic ‘DTrix’ Sandoval performs a solo at top 8. Quest Crew Compilations Week Ft. Sam Smith — Lay Me Down http: