The format depends on the regional settings of the computer. A maximum of 16 E1s can be used for transmission of Ethernet traffic. The color of the parameter indicates the status of the interface. If the LAG Usage is Slave, all columns are disabled since the settings are inherited by its master port. Blocks per second for the VC interface is Mixed is used if some of the alarms are disabled. If it still is not possible to reduce the number of E1s, contact your design department for advice.

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This is the default value of the switch port is connected to a WAN interface. Select the E1s to be bridged. Mixed is set if any of the alarms are disabled. Selecting a check box enables deletion of the corresponding route.

The upper part of the page displays the configuration of the related E1s. This button is only available for MMU2 H.

A Multilink PPP interface is indicated by a frame. The contents of the report are further described in Section 2.


Basic Ericsson Mini Link TN using Mini Link Craft: Traffic Route NPU-MMU – video dailymotion

An intersection point in the matrix has ericsson minilink craft different appearance depending on the current status of the interface pair.

It contains a matrix with the interfaces on two axes. Clicking a feature in the list opens the License File Inventory page see Section 2. A link is provided showing more details about the BERTs. If a switch port is a member of a LAG it cannot be available on an individual basis.

The event will be raised if the number of errored frames reaches a specific percentage of this parameter. The profiles determine how traffic will be prioritized in the network. Selecting a check box enables deletion of the corresponding area.

An active loop will disable notifications from the interface and suppress notifications from higher layer interfaces.

This is currently the only valid value for this parameter. For more information about the alarms, see also Alarm Descriptions, Reference [2].

Select type of Unregistered Multicast.

Basic Ericsson Mini Link TN using Mini Link Craft: Traffic Route NPU-MMU

Other pages xraft DCN configuration are also opened from this page. This means that the transmitted BPDUs will always be compatible with the configuration of the neighboring bridge. The default value is 0 Mbps and the parameter value is set in steps of 64 kbps. Maximum 16 characters are allowed. The following thresholds can be selected: Disabled means that notifications are disabled for the alarm.


If disabled, no ericsson minilink craft will be issued. The unit is regarded as not present and will not be presented in the Management Tree.

Clicking a module opens a Radio Link Configuration window for the radio link, see Section 2. Type — The authentication type specified for an area. It has no effect on other areas. This name needs to be unique for the specific list. All units that do not support the selected standard will be set Out Of Service. Only available when Protection is selected.