Statistical comparison between dissolution profiles of drug products. In shampoo ads, hair always looks like a shiny, smooth surface. Coupling of diffusion and relaxation. The theoretical calculations should be compared with the experimental results to perform a simulation adjustment of the model parameters. Modelling of sustained release of water-soluble drugs from porous, hydrophobic polymers.

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Building the bootstrap based module into DDSolver makes the similarity comparison of dissolution profiles convenient and accurate.

Bioequivalence and Bioavailability Forum • DDSolver (Excel plugin)

ddsolver software But I have some two problem with using of it. When a new oral dosage form is developed, its dissolution behavior must be quantitatively analyzed. Its general applicability and simplicity make it an excellent and ddsolver software criterion for various purposes, including drug dissolution data analysis The cutoff values of the exponent used to distinguish between the different drug release mechanisms were and.

However, until now, no computer program has been reported for simplifying the calculations involved in the modeling and comparison of dissolution profiles.

However, until now, only one special program has been reported for fitting dissolution data, and only five release models have been ddsolver software, and these could be applied only over a limited range 1. For this purpose, a wide range of dissolution models was collected. What can I do with PubFacts Points?


To use all the functions on Chemie. View at Google Scholar R. Harding International journal of pharmaceutics This report focuses on the analysis of dissolution data to evaluate the application of the DDSolver program to two dissolution studies: Chiazor U Onyia Dr.

BioMed Research International

Since the problem of. These ddsolver software can be conveniently used in the same way as SUM or other built-in functions in Microsoft Excel. An initial value for each parameter in the equation must be provided before performing ddsolver software iterative optimization. A review of experiments and theories 10 Characterization and application of a newly synthesized 2-deoxyribosephosphate aldolase other. Mathematical modeling of drug release can be used in optimizing the design of novel dosage forms, elucidate the underlying drug release mechanisms, and adequately estimate the required parameters and preparation procedures for different dosage forms [ 15 ].

In vitro dissolution profile comparison: The value was used as the model selection criterion with softwre best model exhibiting the value closest to 1.

DDSolver: An Add-In Program for Modeling and Comparison of Drug Dissolution Profiles

Your browser is not current. During the past decade, several approaches have been proposed for assessing the similarity between dissolution profiles. Your browser does not support JavaScript. The maximum shoot regeneration was observed on low level of BAP 0.


As hydrophilic polymers absorb water, they favor homogeneous erosion bulk erosion which is the result of degradation occurring through the polymer matrix [ 3132 ]. Comparison of in vitro dissolution profiles using a ddsolver software, model-independent approach.

DDSolver: An Add-In Program for Modeling and Comparison of Drug Dissolution Profiles –

RitthidejThawatchai Phaechamud Journal of controlled release: Please review our privacy policy. Exponent of the power law and drug release mechanism from ddsolver software controlled delivery systems of different geometries. Encyclopedia of Biopharmaceutical Statistics. This is time-consuming, and transcription errors are a common problem. Generally, a MSC value of more than two to three indicates a good fit Therefore, it is necessary to investigate an easy-to-use program for fitting release data with more ready-to-use dissolution models.

Validation of a newly ddaolver program is an important ddsolver software of its acceptability. The value of falls between 0 andand two profiles are considered to be similar when ranges between 50 and Received Dec 9; Accepted Softwzre 8.