Improved checksum usage when searching for new game in the games folder. Source code of version 1. ActiveForm and fsModal in Screen. The new profile list view style “Screenshots” allows to browse through the list of profiles by screenshots. The physical path names for drives mounts can contain semicolons now.

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You will find a new menu entry in the profile and in the extras images menus, some new elements on the search for updates setup dialog page and a new setup page below the profile editor page.


Some more speed improvements when working with large profile lists. When uninstalling or transfering game or building installer d-rend the image files used as drive will be respected, too. Additionally DOSBox and the FreeDos commandline tools are included so you can build complete installers from this package.

Play DOS Games in Windows XP/Vista/7

The profile files will only be updated on disk on program close if this is really needed. Files like text files etc.

PortableApps version of D-Fend Reloaded 1. The genre and language names in game profiles can now be translated on the fly so profiles created via auto setup templates etc. Faster program start when using large game lists. Updated DOSZip from 3. That was an old issue, it’s great to see reloadrd finally fixed. Under the details tab the link to the shortcut is different. The moderator told him that deleting the install directory is what nearly every uninstaller does and that it’s a stupid idea to install many programs just one folder but anyway I have changed the uninstaller to only delete the files and subfolder created during installation.


In the default configuration the wizard will be much d-fend reloaded 0.9.1 to handle if there is a 0.9.11 setup template for the game. D-Fend Reloaded will warn the user when importing an archive file with a name of an existing profile and will prevent overwriting existing games directory subdirectories when importing plain archive files.

Open file in program files folder. d-fend reloaded 0.9.1

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The entries in the list will be for example ” United States ” instead of just “” then. New program icon thanks to T. Sadly I still got no answer from classicdosgames. This makes using multiple instances of D-Fend Reloaded at the same time easier.

Improved d-fend reloaded 0.9.1 mount and imgmount command interpreter which is used to scan the [autoexec] sections of imported conf files. New setup option when to configurate a new game completely automatically.

D-Fend Reloaded

Get this setting on Control Panel Althogether D-Fend Reloaded now has more than auto setup templates. Option to open the capture folder in the Explorer d-fendd from the context menu of the capture viewer area. Lower memory consumption on downloading large files via the package manager. Also the info label on the data folder panel was not translated.


D-fend reloaded 0.9.1 more auto setup templates. Additionally the maximum number of covers and screenshots reloaved be download per profile have been increased from 10 to The profile wizard will now automatically suggest a name for the new profile from c-fend selected template or the program file name. Smarter initial directory when opening selection dialog for text editor, wave encoder and ScummVM.

You can try different render modes from the graphics page of the profile editor. Show grid lines in view mode “report”.

Now you can also manage your Windows based games as profiles. The list of links to old games web sites is editable now. Added an option to disable file checksums for multiple profiles at once to the multiple profiles editor.