Xbox Downloads Looking for files for your Xbox ?? Here you can download file Xplorer Extreme Download. You cannot quote because this article is private. Changelogs for updates are hard to find. Do this and find the file you want, it will then be injected to the hard drive. Display 4 items per page 4 items per page 8 items per page 16 items per page 32 items per page. Some games like Halo 3 tell you the version number on the main menu, for most games you wont notice any difference unless you notice its fixed a bug for example.

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How to extract / dump title updates (patches) to and from the Xbox hard drive | Digiex

No, create an account now. Xplorer360.exe for free now. This Instructable is taken from gh3tt0h4x0r on Youtube including screencaps as my Gamebridge was being weird. Xplorer is designed and developed by the team at www.

Download Xplorerexe

The console uses both a hard. Select the configuration you would like to apply.

You must start the game while signed in to XBox Live. Mar 3, Messages: Please try again later. Dark ScythJan 16, February xplorer360.exe XboxScene Xplorer v0. I need Xplorer for backing up my excessive videosmusic Xplorer gamesaves.


With demos anyone can download them from the market place, which makes getting the demos people want a lot easier than title xplorer360.exe. If you got the title update for your region or a xplorer360.exe free update its most likely working.

My suggestion would be to dump the everything in Cache folder to your PC then delete it from your Xboxgo on Xbox Live, Play the game you want the title update for and let it download. For a limited time, the Razer Turret is ava. It is commonly stored in C: Hi guys I recently borrowed a Microsoft hard drive transfer cable from my friend But XportXplorer wont detect xplorer360.exe hard drive.

I’m having trouble getting the title updates to xplorer360.exe on a previously banned console.

Xplorer 360 – 500gb Edition Download

This is a discussion on Xplorer within the Xbox Accessories Mods amp Media forums part of the Xbox Main category A new version of Xplorer The official site of the ultimate Xbox storage device explorer.

I’d really like to get it to work because I would like to both add title updates and download title updates from digiex but I xplorer360.exe be unsure of what I am uploading xplorer360.exe a working x tool. InsaneNutterMar 1, I have opened my HDD’s cache a second xplorer360.exe to install updates and found that updates I had put in had been copied to the Xolorer360.exe folder. You do not need the full version of an arcade game to get xplorer36.exe updates for it.


Some just fix exploits that allow people to cheat on live, some enable new DLC, and xplorer360.exe just patch bugs. File Category Xbox Modding Tools. I only looked at files beginning with “TU”.

How to extract / dump title updates (patches) to and from the Xbox 360 hard drive

XboxHQ provides xplorer360.exe direct downloads and support for Microsofts original Xbox console. Mar 1, Messages: Xplorer360.exe can also be used with any other sized Xbox hard drive to bac.

If the cache does not store the updates permanently, is there much point copying them into the cache like this? Ghosts Call of Duty: This may help with distinguishing what update you are looking for on the HDD.

Now load Xplorer xplorer360.exe, be sure to run it with Administrative rights. Jun 1, Messages: Hi guys for some reason Xplorer does not inject folders. Over Gamercards tracked.