Open dialog now persists its “open as read-only” setting. I’m not talking about a complete make-over but I think it could be a lot more user-friendly with a bit of a clean-up, maybe even some customizable skins in addition to the default “Windows” one. Fixed support for VBR audio. May 20, [bugs fixed] Improved compatibility of AVI files written in capture mode or with the “sector alignment” option. Fixed noise when audio switches between bit and bit encoding.

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The filter virtualdub 1.8.0 window now has the same context menu size and filter options as the main panes. Now, only if you have ‘abort on left’ enabled with that option, does it flip to abort-on-right. Fixed degree sign in rotate2 and HSV filter blurbs on non-English systems.

Transform virtualdub 1.8.0 name] in the Registry. Requires very fast CPU! Prohibit zero for frame rate adjustment. Mouse wheel scrolling now works in the filter preview and curve control windows. Fixed bug where filter preview stopped displaying frames past a certain point when edits had occurred on the timeline.

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Frame conversions at the start of a video filter are now cached. Audio sync sometimes wasn’t correct when cutting files with VBR audio. Fixed crash when using plugin to load a file with an audio stream that isn’t AVI compatible. Limit minimum window size virtualdub 1.8.0 avoid caption redraw artifacts.


Fixed case where a non-distributed “load job list” command can fail due to erroneously running distributed-mode code. It works only on bit Mac OS. The preferred handler fccHandler field in the video stream is now ignored by default for consistency unless re-enabled in preferences. If the user is not familiar with Virtual Dub imput plugins,I highly doubt that will manage virtualdub 1.8.0 External Encoders.

Fixed sample delay in “center cut” audio filter. Virtualdub 1.8.0 regression in D3D effects display mode. Fixed instability on reporting errors when audio resampler is enabled. Optimized display code slightly when main window is minimized. Oct 19, Download s: Animated GIF export now fails with an error if the current output format is compressed or otherwise not supported. Fixed some crashes in resize filter resulting from 0 size frames.

Added support for switching DirectShow TV tuners between antenna and cable modes. Full-screen mode now auto-hides mouse cursor. Stable Distributions stable cleaner and more stable. Spill drives can be adjusted on Windows XP.


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Clear codes are now forced when the LZW table fills up to work around buggy decoders. Audio conversion dialog no longer occasionally says “No change 8-bit ” for compressed formats; this was virtualdub 1.8.0 incorrect as when that option was selected the pipeline actually used what the codec produced, which was usually bit.

Panes didn’t always auto-refresh immediately after choosing some menu items. Fixed tabbing in “set custom format” dialog.

Algorithm courtesy of Steven Don. Audio playback setting is now auto-saved. Fixed crash when attempting to use “remove duplicate frames” feature of screencap driver virtualdub 1.8.0 a 3D card that didn’t support occlusion query. Fixed a case where audio displacements didn’t work with compressed audio and full processing mode.

Improved bicubic algorithm for ps1.