Exits to be accessible at all times. II IL All rights reserved. All exit doors shall be openable from the inside without the use of a key or any special knowledge or effort. The following areas or uses shall be separated from the other areas. Provided that if any building is. Contents of tariks and other receptacles.

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Space about buildings on Jots abutting a street and having no ubbl malaysia. Notice of completion of excavation for foundation. Category designation for fire penetration and spread of flame on roof surface. Arrangement of storey exits.

UBBL Uniform Building by Laws – PDF Free Download

These By-laws may be cited as the Uniform Building By-laws c. Horizontal and vertical barriers at the external malayisa. Openings in adjacent walls not permitted. Notice affixed to door of gate. Design and construction of refuse chutes. ubbl malaysia


Certificate of fitness for occupation. Measurement of travel distance to exits. Automatic system for hazardous occupancy. Temporary certificate of fitness for occupation. Fire mode of operation. Power of local authority to reject structural plans and calculations.

Accessible flat roofS, balconies, etc. Stages in places of assembly. Please copy and paste this embed script to where you want to embed Embed Script. Gangways in places of assembly. Ubbl malaysia to Sixth Schedule. Openings in lift Shafts. Fire resistance of structural member.

Classification of ubbl malaysia of flame over surfaces of walls and ceilings.

UBBL Uniform Building by Laws 2012

Computing number ubbl malaysia staircases and staircase widths. Rising mains to be installed progressively. Open spaces to be ubnl. Ventilation of stai”case enclosures in buildings exceedings 18 metres. Exits to be accessible at all times. Other walls and floors to be constructed as compartment walls or compartment floors. Open spaces not to be altered or roofed.


UBBL – Free Download PDF

Depth of water, Location of driving boards. Foundations of buildings not ubbl malaysia four storeys. National Institute of Public Administration! We have taken every precaution possible in this publication, from selection of the paper to checking of the manuscript to ensure that it is ofthe highest possible quality.

Offence under the Act.