This is another snipering map for all you snipering fans! Title Jump Crouch Bind Filename jump 1. The map is medium-sized but does have a lot of places to explore and of course places to get cover. Map Radio Station Beta 0. The blue team has to gain access into the base to capture the flag, retrieve the brifcase and blow up the radar.

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Title Works Date 12 01 Version 1.

Now, sof2 maps time to get to the next level. Sof2 maps another nice remake of the well-played map “Raven Offices” Go check this remake out!

There are six maps in the pack: Popular Battlefield Files Zombie Mod. This map could be a replacement for MP Italy since the gameplay is quite the same. It’s very detailed and supports all gametypes. This is a map with the chessboard design! This one is a Prague themed map that is quite detailed.

I think the map will do well on all gametypes as It’s well balanced. Chronic has finally finished his latest map It is a remake of the Kam2 map, so you all problably know what this looks like.


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Though it’s the same map, it plays very different. Based on the old tv-serie “The Prisoner”. It’s fun to play on it for a change. This site is NOT official sof2 maps site but just a third party mirror.

Title The Market Final Date march Fluo ak47 Description This file sof2 maps replace ak74 with The Fluo ak This pack contains the maps we are currently running on our custom map server.

This file replaces the textures of your Kamchatka 2 map Please note this isn’t a map mps, it only modifies the original Kamchatka 2 map.

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This a fun map from UK Slavo. NoS retextured the desert look of the original Jordan to this nice snowtextures.

Mostly I wanted to create a deadly open aired. Map Radio Station Beta 0.

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Medium sized, but lots off places to explore and very good for sniping. R2D2 seems to be running around in certain bits which adds to the fun. Lots of places to sneak behind and good sof2 maps much fun with the snipers.


This medium sized map is based maaps a fictive city in colombia and it supports all gametypes.

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Slf2 has used some new textures to bring this map together. Installation put the ak There’s also a secret out there for going up on the roof. Attack on Pearl Sof2 maps. It is a 2 level oval shaped map with a nicely done middle. Stargate Shootout Version Release Map by warlord e mail dataplus3 cox.

I hope that you feel it very fun. Sky Diver Screen Saver no banner. Map contains several secrets and some cool music and features.