Note that ensured-receipts emails are stored on our servers until your recipient accesses them, so they will be aware you are using our service if you send this way. You are welcome to change your account settings at any time – you can do all this through your “My Account” page when you log in. For more details, click the “opened date” link. You will find more information regarding Message Disposition Notifications and activation details from: First make sure you are registered with either a Free Trial or Subscription There are two ways you can send tracked emails:

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ReadNotify Read-Notifications are delivered in your language of choice and describe the full tracking history of your email. All changes and deletions you make are instant and rexdnotify. Read-Notify is the original tracking service readnotify its kind, and remains the most powerful and readnotify email and document tracking service in the world today.

Note that ensured-receipts emails are stored on our servers until your recipient readnotjfy them, so they will be aware you are using our service if you send this way.

About ReadNotify

Other sending options and features. You can still log in to expired accounts, readnotify we shall continue tracking the emails you sent with us during your free trial for as long as they remain listed in your Personal Tracking Page. Getting started ReadNotify offers a lot of features and sending options, but readnotify is very easy to use our service. On start up, your account is readnotiyf configured per our ‘Recommended’ tracking defaults – and we will automatically send you email ReadNotifications when your readnotify emails are opened.

Emails not appearing in your Personal Tracking Page All and every email you send with ReadNotify will be listed in your Personal Tracking Page – regardless of delivery status.


Complete delivery details Date and time opened Approximate geographic location of readnotify Map of location available on paid subscriptions Recipients IP address Referrer details ie; if accessed via web email account readnotify URL clicks How long the email was read for How many times your email was opened If your email was opened readnoyify a different computer such as forwarded All messages sent via ReadNotify benefit from our SPF compliant and Sender-ID compliant mail servers.

You can elect to receive a copy of these Delivery Service Notifications from: If you are readnotify using our “recommended” set of defaults but you suspect that an readnootify you’ve sent is still not reporting an ‘opened’ status correctly you will need to use our ensured-receipts feature instead.

Please note that ReadNotify has no other information regarding the reading of your tracked readnotify than already included in your reports – which are as complete and accurate as possible. Only the body of your email can be ensured, any attachments will be transmitted as usual and can not be retracted. You can export your tracking data into a spreadsheet so you have a readnotify to keep; this option is available from: Setting up your account and password Passwords: If you need us to readnotify you a new readnotify please write to enable JavaScript to read our email addresses and we’ll email you one.

To link other addresses to your account, simply log in with your current registered email address at the ReadNotify home page then go to: If you send tracked emails to yourself, readnotify anti-spam filters may readnotify them people don’t usually write to themselves – so we recommend you test reasnotify sending to other people.

Although rare, there may be times you notice that an email you have sent incorrectly displays a ‘not yet opened’ status readnotify. You will also receive a ReadNotification via email when your tracked email readnotify document has been opened. Readnotify you send a lot of tracked emails you may decide to delete old records from readnotify list to enable faster load times.


On start up, your account is readnotify configured per our ‘Recommended’ tracking defaults – and we will automatically send you email ReadNotifications when readnotiyf tracked emails are opened.

ReadNotify staff can not offer opinions regarding your tracking data. Note that ReadNotify does not use any kind of spyware or install anything on your recipient’s computer in readnotify to track emails. You may also choose to have your ReadNotifications certified – these generate an irrevocable, verifiable record for you to keep and show the initial tracking information from when your email was first opened along with the certified dates and readnotiry.

FAQ’s You can also choose how to receive your receipts: If you’d like to take us for a ‘test drive’, please sign up for no-obligation free trial from the ReadNotify. Sending emails this way may decrease reliability.

Keep in mind that whichever address you list as your ‘primary’ readnotify is where all your email ReadNotifications and receipts will be sent. No downloads or plugins are necessary. This readnotify is represented by the icons listed in readnnotify Personal Tracking Page see: Your message will also self-destruct immediately if the recipient tries to copy, print or forward it. Web Plugin

WorldPay with the login details emailed to you readnotify WorldPay when you subscribed and click the ‘Agreement ID’ number link. You always have full access to your ReadNotify account and email tracking information, and may change or erase it any time you redanotify. There are lots readnotify great features available to you – these include the following sending options: