The PHPP prepares an energy balance and calculates the annual energy demand of the building. Once the design has been analysed and optimised with reference to energy efficiency, all geometric building data can be exported into PHPP data sheets Other versions of designPH In addition to the full version of designPH, which can only be obtained in combination with a registered version of PHPP, a demo version is now also available which can be downloaded free of charge from www. There are columns available for alternative PE factors and CO 2 factors to be entered also. The identified components are first allocated standard energy values. Jan Steiger of the Passive House Institute explains the latest features of both software packages.

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The Solar Domestic Hot Water Worksheet is where details of a solar thermal system can be entered if one is included in the design.

We need to massively cut CO 2 emissions globally. Passive House Component Database read more. In most cases there is nothing to phpp software on this worksheet. Some PHPP calculations are based on the assumption softwate the building under consideration is located in the Northern Hemisphere.

The PHPP is used from very early in the design process to build up a useful interactive understanding of the design. On a larger design e.

Building Design Expert PHPP Demo Software

Some of the calculations on this worksheet are dependent on occupant numbers entered on the verification worksheet, so it is important that the number of people is entered accurately.

At phpp software phop, various aspects of the design can be tested in more detail. This generates the final energy demand and primary energy renewable specific value for the district heating. The Passive House Institute makes its knowledge available to everyone.


Passivhaus Institut

An energy assessment of the model is displayed after the analysis of the building model in designPH. Legal notice Disclaimer Privacy Policy.

The assessment follows the calculations presented in VDI In contrast, it is essential that the heating worksheets are used from the very beginning of the design process because of all the building geometry and architectural design encompassed. Worldwide, the energy sector is undergoing rapid change, with the objective of achieving a sustainable energy supply.

However, the specified U-values of building components or windows can be adjusted individually for each building component or selected from a list of certified passive house components in PHPP. Once the design is relatively stable further detail phpp software entered into the PHPP, developing a more granular picture of how the building will perform. In this way, the PHPP building model is quickly prepared and the user only has to adjust the parameters assumed as general values in designPH and phpp software the additional data for determining the heating demand.

The identified components are first allocated standard energy values.

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Economic feasibility comparisons of different variants can be carried out in a separate worksheet. The tried and tested Passive House Planning Package provides reliable results for the following:. In order to be able to evaluate the demand for hot phpp software in more detail, it is possible to display the energy saving potential, for example, of flow-optimised fittings.

Major differences eoftware the planned energy efficiency phpp software and actual energy consumption, known as the performance gapdo not arise with passive house and Enerphit buildings — this has been proven over the years in numerous monitored projects.


It encompasses the specific climate where a design is situated, the building geometry, building assembly specifications, the heating, cooling, phpp software, lighting and all other energy uses within the building. The Electricity Worksheet is where all the different uses of electricity are brought together. The heat losses from the distribution of both heating water and domestic hot water are calculated, along with the useful heat gain from domestic hot water use.

The energy from each source is multiplied by a primary energy renewable PER factor to hppp at the primary energy renewable specific value, in the phlp of renewable energy sources.

PHPP Demo Software

This can be considered with a reduction factor in PHPP. Passive House Institute publications. Thermal bridges are also entered softsare this worksheet. Planning and Building a Passive House. Such as if it is residential building and if it is a new build Passivhaus or a retrofit EnerPHit. There are some other hidden worksheets in this category that can be shown if variants are going to be explored within the PHPP.

In addition, the requirements phpp software reference to the cooling and dehumidification demands can be determined depending on the use-related internal loads and the climate prevailing at the softwarw.

The PHPP is continually being validated and extended on the basis of measured values and new research findings.