Take American patriotism and blow the annoyance of it by a few thousand levels, and you have online Korean patriotism. Could you possibly upload the songs from samojam whenever you have time and add the link to this thread? Do you know how to fix crash after entering song? Just remember, ESong is equal to about rank on osu! You can’t, but you don’t need it anyway. Both have aged pretty well. Accounts was removed for inactivity, still many foreigner on server.

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It’s very beautiful https: To play “offline” you pgivate to run a separate program that communicates with the game to make it think it’s online, because that’s the only way it will work. Their songs folder contains privat songs no longer available to play, and songs being considered for being added, or in o2jam private server process of having their levels edited to line up with o2perfect’s levels, so there might be a few hard to find songs in that collection, and the folder itself esrver not exactly openly advertised.

Do you have any idea when that will be? I’m not the first foreigner Cuppp has defamed, o2kam a prick. I had no idea he got banned. There’s no music in the lobby or the sound effects when i click any buttons like create room. Things like O2Jam are where Korean pride o2jam private server in. Rules wiki Achievements of low relevance to the community as well as simple questions must be posted in the weekly achievement and help threads.


As of today the client looks like crap.

7K players rejoice! DPJam Client, DPJam Emulator & DPJam E/N/H Server Songs! : osugame

Book insulted dead person and did other bad stuff so he was banned, that’s why he leaked. Are the selections there similar to the ones on dpjam as well? The site is up but registration has been broken for years. And the server isn’t bug free itself.

OCX fix actually worked! I keep getting this error message: I’ve only had that happen during marathon sessions after maybe six hours.

Creating O2Jam Server Using Hamachi VPN Client – RaGEZONE – MMO development community

Good on you man. Most VSRG players are pissed that osu gets a bunch of players thanks to stolen songs and no originality whatsoever. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Also, if you did actually make new uploads, how will people know? I am highly against using Privahe for that reason, it can be a nightmare if you want to o2ajm play by yourself because slot o2jam private server on SamoJam is bugged out.


That’s a false positive, DPMusicListMaker is just a translated piece of Chinese software using a hex editor, the program itself has existed since That was working out fine.

It’s never serrver this in real life. The game actually crashes if there are too many songs o2jjam the song list. In a fit of rage he leaked DPJam’s song files not the client and NWJ’s response was to purge two thirds of the server including me. O2Jam’s community is a disaster and it’s time people stopped kissing Korean ass to continue playing.

O2jam private server no reason whatsoever to make any of this stuff private.


Run this while playing O2Jam: You can’t have multiple song packs in at once, there’s a song limit in O2Jam and only one will work. O2Jam is free, public, and the music in charts are stolen anyway so these people have no right to privatize these charts.

If it’s the second one, what server? Was it stolen too? DPJam is also a status symbol, o2jam private server I’d like to shatter that.