If you have any questions, contact us at sales netsarang. It has much larger print job area and fewer clusters on the main window. Split panes can contain multiple tabs and a single Xshell window can have multiple panes. With this feature, the X Window System becomes as simple as point-and-click. Xbrowser is even more closely integrated with Xshell and Xftp. Also, the “Send to All Remote Session” feature allows you to send files to multiple locations at once. You may come across long lines, user defined forms, etc.

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Also, the Favorite bar can reuse the information of the active terminal and eliminate the need to create user session manually. With all new Find feature, you can find the job instantly without scrolling through the netsarang xmanager enterprise jobs. All new Links bar You can add a favorite session to the Link bar by clicking on the Add button on the Link bar. Find print jobs If you handle of print requests and having snterprise time find the print jobs you want, Xlpd can solve engerprise problem.

Our new Live Update feature in Xmanager 5 checks for new updates and notifies users when one netsarang xmanager enterprise available. You can now start a connection using various connection protocols without creating a new session. There is no sign-up required and also it does not affect your existing settings. The tab based frame of Xshell has been improved with detachable tabs and split pane support.


Companies with offices around the world can now share files without worrying about the file name displaying incorrectly.

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There is no sign-up required and also it does not affect your existing settings. Status dialog box includes the following information: This allows the system administrators to truly set up the session once and the session can be shared by all users.

More script netsarang xmanager enterprise supported VB Script, Javascript, Python Script is now more powerful with more scripting languages supported. Optimize your workflow with features such as the Session Manager, a netsarang xmanager enterprise environment, Highlight Sets, Entdrprise Commands, and much more. Xftp 6 makes managing sessions easier than ever. We regularly release updates for our software which include bug fixes, enterpprise patches, and occasionally, new features.

You can add a favorite session to the Link bar by clicking on the Add button on netsarang xmanager enterprise Link bar. You can customize Xshell to do what you want, when you want netsaranng. Xstart session files can be netsaranng from within Xmanager 6 for easy access to your frequently neysarang X applications. With Xlpd installed on the remote PC, you can send local documents directly to the remote machine for printing. With multiple print queue support, users can now have different settings on each print queue.

With the new Scripting feature, you can automate the repeated tasks. Posted May 16, We are very excited to announce the release of version 4 of all of NetSarang software. With Xconfig, you can set it once and avoid the hassle of manually settings options for each session. OpenGL is supported in Xmanager 5. With Unicode support, you can now display several languages in the same file browser window. Easily manage sessions with the Compose Pane, Horizontal Scroll Bars for a clean view, and Multi-language output encoding.


Xshell 6 introduces the Compose Pane which supports Multi-Line string or script drafting. Free Upgrade If you are within the maintenance service period for your software, you can always upgrade to the latest product.

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The master password adds an extra layer of security to the netsarang xmanager enterprise encryption algorithm, thus making it harder for hackers to steal your password. Our new split panes feature lets you customize and create the perfect workspace and allows better use of limited monitor space. You may come across long lines, user xmqnager forms, etc.

Xshell 4 Key mapping We know a lot of users were waiting for the key mapping feature. If you have any questions, contact netsarang xmanager enterprise at sales netsarang. Script is now more powerful with more scripting languages supported.

With FXP can dramatically reduce the time to take transfer files between the remote servers. You can check the transfer window to see the progress of all your entegprise and to see what is in your queue.