I entered two more tickets. I should contact OpenBay. The whole Joomla ecosystem has also incured losses as new users won’t be able to find our qualified extensions and support which will force them to choose other systems. Last edited by toivo on Tue Oct 17, Written by Denis Dulici on Thursday, 30 October MijoShop is a powerful shopping cart component that is designed feature rich and user friendly Introducing, MijoShop: Opencart by and large is simply installed inside of the Mijoshop component and Mijoshop itself merely runs as a management interface to OC.

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I had issues getting it working. This is not good. Mijoshop joomla joomla need companies that above all worry about the opinions of customers, and I say it out of joomla companies that do what we are reading this topic. Now I don’t even exist.

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I asked the support many times since the 26th of september and I get mijoshop joomla feedback. Joomlart support quickly shows me that their template isn’t breaking Jquery like Miwisoft claims. Good luck, because you will be bounced back and forth between the various parties blaming the other party for it’s failure to function and demanding payment for hours of work to make it work.

Mijoshop joomla is an unprofessional bunch of under talented developers giving the Joomla world a bad name. We have had to pay many times over for custom fixes to even the most basic OC extension to get it to work with Mijoshop. I guess I will have to continue searching for other cart alternatives to satisfy my client’s needs. Mijoshop joomla entered two more tickets. Please use the forum or Help Desk. The SEF system only works correctly on the most basic of Joomla installs in my experience.


I can not deal with waiting days for responses.

I’m not sure why you perceive it as high handed. I have mijoshop joomla switched to Mijoshop and looking very positive so far but this is of some concern. Written by Denis Dulici on Thursday, 30 October In the last 60 days I mijohsop to update my site from 2.

I did some reading on how this works, prepared my extensions to update as I did this, and backed everything up. As I’m very stupid, I mijoshop joomla renewed the licence. I did not say you should ‘turn a blind eye’.

We may not always succeed, but that is our goal, and we will do whatever we feel is necessary in furtherance of that goal.

MijoShop – Joomla! Shopping Cart Component

So you can use opencart third party extension with JooCart except opencart third party templates. I reached out to another developer OpenCartX regarding his extensions for coupons to see if it might be compatible with Mijoshop. It takes quite a bit of intentional effort to get removed. Quite fast I might mijoshop joomla. But then I decided to give them another chance just this year.


I have also found an article claiming MijoShop has been permanently banned! Just to note, you may want to move your clients away from MijoShop when you can. This is far from ‘making an example’. I suppose they do not monitor their pages for compatibility. I’m thinking it’s more of a bridge for OpenCart, but you can look further into it.

Probably the worst interaction was when mijoshop joomla took over a month to get a very simple fix applied that I even provided direct links to documentation for noomla as well as how to fix it.


We’re not the first one saying this, you can find a lot of articles around, like this one. Over the years I have had to come up with my own fixes and mijoshop joomla arounds on many occasions.

Initially things were slow on my end, joomlla constraints will do that, but in the last 4 months I really ramped up and made a strong effort mijoshop joomla get all my items on. Beware of these products because even the author can’t fix your issues.