Joe 8 years ago. User 8 years ago. Anybody knows how to fix this problem? June 9, at 8: Is it possible to have an option to select a 2nd sound card as output? By selecting, for example, movies, as your ManyCam Source, you can open a movie file mpeg, avi etc , stored on your computer, which will be played as webcam output in your chat window!

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Baleiro 8 years ago. It installed the Ask. What would mwnycam better is if we could create a dedicated mic driver to stream the sound through, but that would require modifying the audio driver cards.

When manycam 2.6.30, the program sits quietly in the system tray, from where you can gain quick access to the main program window, or to close the program altogether.

I tried everything to rectify but nothing worked. Windows Live Messenger use every time the native webcam. Arthur 8 years ago. Vicky Vette 8 years ago. Is there an easy way of modifying the ManyCam start-up screen: December 12, ManyCam 6.

One day I tried to use manycam on windows live messenger maanycam manycam 2.6.30 my webcam just went green and the image of me was in the top corner. December 19, Tips. Can you make this? Ok, i thought I would update anyone reading this.


Michael 8 years ago.

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Thanks for your hard work and Happy New 2.6.3. But many cam detects the source as a manycam 2.6.30 of cam but it says it cannot connect to the device specified. Bugs On Windows 7 64 bit: Just a quick question …. My Manycam worked fine and would load AVi files regardless of the file size. Could manycam 2.6.30 perhaps add a record function on the next update, and if there is already a record to save button, pleas may you make it easier to find?

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The only issue I have ever had with this software is also an issue I have seen asked about many manycam 2.6.30, yet never resolved.

June 16, at 3: Hank 8 years ago. Once installed, you have the option to auto start the program with Windows if desired, so its ready when you start chatting. There is an unfortunate toolbar that will install unless you opt out during setup, but other than that ManyCam is manycam 2.6.30 of a Webcam Oscar for cool and useful tech. I downloaded this earlier today and when I opened it, my cam quality was very blurry then my computer went nuts and crashed, then proceded to reboot asking me to use safe mode or restart normally.


Got something to say? It will only play wmv files. Now since April 12th it does not load AVI files at all.

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Phil 8 years ago. We had to remove the static background features due to licensing issues, manycam 2.6.30 now they are back and we hope to bring back dynamic backgrounds again also. Is it possible to play a youtube or any video link via manycam? They have all been working for months. If I highlight the play or stop 2.630 using Taband I press space — nothing happens.

Deina 8 years ago.