Well, without wasting any more time, let’s dive right into All Beauty Must Die. There are other songs. A review by the German Sonic Seducer magazine lauded the album’s mix of fast uptempo tracks and slow “atmospheric” pieces as well as the guitar riffs. Whereas their last album could have been labeled All Except Beauty Must Die, here they seem to be getting a much more cohesive idea as to where they want to take their music. Retrieved 24 April

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In the end, the album has once again too many filler tracks to convince me. A few highlights and lots of talent are still worth giving this record a try. For the most part, though, All Beauty Must Die is a gung-ho step in the right direction.

Overall, the engineering is a top notch job without resonating as sterile, particularly on the drums, in which they are clear but come across like a human actually played them. And there you have it.

All Beauty Must Die – Wikipedia

Let’s just have a look at their epic tracks, their orchestral arrangements and their conceptual musical releases at the beginning of the band’s career. All Beauty Must Die peaked at position 24 in the German album charts. Gothic metalsymphonic metal. The krypteria all beauty must die really shines when they try out something different. In the weeks before the release, three songs from the album were made available for free download through the official Krypteria website by signing up for their newsletter.


See what happens when you bring back the choir and the orchestra, guys? Write your own review. This would normally be a 7 out of 12, but “The Eye Collector” is over 11 minutes long, so I’m calling it a 9 out of 14, which means this album is a success, overall.

All Beauty Must Die by Krypteria on Spotify

Krypteria albums albums s heavy metal album stubs. Sonic Seducer in German.

The production, like its predecessor, is mixed with a fat yet crunchy guitar sound, but in this case is pushed kryypteria little bit forward in the mix. This page was last edited on 4 Novemberat ZelkiiroApril 24th, Whereas beauuty last album could have been labeled Di Except Beauty Must Die, here they seem to be getting a much more cohesive idea as to where they want to take their music.

You should get the limited edition with two new recordings from two catchy classics of the band plus one good third bonus track that may rate this album up. It actually bexuty quite intense–we’re krypteria all beauty must die on the first track, and I’ve already got high hopes!

Those songs lack of energy, passion and conviction. All Beauty Must Die is the fourth and final studio album by the German symphonic metal band Krypteriareleased on April 22, And then, near the end, everyone in the studio apparently begins chanting “Follow me! Krypteria bounced back from releasing one of the worst musr albums of all time by releasing one of their best.


When I first heard that Krypteria all beauty must die was ready to release a new album, thanks to their previous effort My Fatal Kiss, I found myself more interested as to what revealing outfit the singer was going to wear on the cover than the actual music.

All Beauty Must Die

It’s really an energizing song. They have simple and mostly modern heavy riffs and boring verses and epic choruses that focus on the skills of singer Cho Ji-In, a little orchestra and a few epic choirs.

Right now I still have to see the band live to feel and discover their dke passion and talent. Well, without wasting any more time, let’s dive right into All Beauty Must Die.

Long story short, the remakes are much improved over their original versions, which were present on the Liberatio album way back when.

Metal Hammer in German. I have seen several live shows of them and the three guys and the beautiful Korean singer really rock like hell. I wish they would create more tracks like that. Will Krypteria get their act together and save themselves? Views Read Edit View history.