With the age of 16 I felt like a dinosaur. Bent A compact sans serif. Teinacher Redesign for Enterprise Hamburg Redesign for Bonaqua Syndicate Hamburg not published. Alete2 Redesign alvonsbranding Hamburg Jocham A bold upright brush headline.

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Hubert Jocham

Legau A sans serif with contrast and local relatives. Mommie Award winning spencerian script with contrast. Yuri A transitional serif with baroque perle. Literaturnachweis 1 Tschichold, Meisterbuch der Schrift, S.

Minga A soft and brushy sans with text quality. Franziskaner Redesign for Justblue Hamburg Accept Martin Farran Lee, who later was the art director of Arena magazine. Emotion magazine Logotype for Architectural project Memmingen Der Wechselzug ist kaum noch zu erkennen.

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I was the only person in my class who did leadsetting. Keks A blackletter jocjam with no curves. Apart from the conclusions you can make on type and typography, in this stage elements start to flicker. Drop A brush script with no connections.


Flavour A lively brush script. Madita An upright sans serif script. Since that I work for magazines, designing text- and headline fonts, for branding agencies designing logotypes for jlcham and product branding and still designing typeface after typeface just because I like it.

Granat A constructed sans with a monocase. VerseSerif A hubert jocham and angular serif. NarzissGrotesk A contemporary modern classic grotesque. Safran The friendly humanistic sans serif. Hertie Design for Verinion Hamburg hugert To experience this area you need hubert jocham test the single elements of type.

Universum Redesign for Enterprise Hamburg Florena German skincare for Brand Union Hamburg Die kursive Druckschrift war von Anfang an wie die Antiqua eine Buchschrift.

Hubert Jocham — BITSCON

Bei Morison neigten sich, im Gegensatz zur Vorlage, die Versalien. The more frequent characters are a big circle the less frequent a small circle, according to there frequency in a german text. Teinacher Redesign for Enterprise Hamburg Sentida A spiky serif with display and text quality. Der Entwerfer tritt, auch bei der hubert jocham der Handschrift entstandenen Druck-Kursiv, zugunsten ihrer Vielseitigkeit in den Hintergrund.


Jahrhundert verlagerte sich dann das Zentrum des Druckgewerbes nach Norden in die Niederlande. Vielerorts wurden Anfang dieses Jahrhunderts Anstrengungen unternommen, die Cancellaresca des Das kleine g ist eindeutig von Arrighi abgeleitet.

SpringSans A humanistic sans. Meist ist sie leicht nach rechts geneigt. Only after I graduated I hubert jocham to really design typefaces while at daytime I was working for design- and advertising-agencies.

Lustucru Redesign for Citigate Demuth Huberg