Effects and audio objects can be combined in various ways, and their parameters can be controlled by operator objects like oscillators and MIDI-CCs. Selects active signal chains. Here normal exit means that e. All editing operations are done on the currently selected chainsetup. This multimedia software -related article is a stub. The topic of this article may not meet Wikipedia’s notability guidelines for products and services.

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Ecasound User’s Guide

Both types of objects are attached to chains. You have one ecasound and one output to which you can connect audio producers and consumers like guitar and amplifier for instance. This ecasound was last edited on 23 Decemberat Exasound that large number of delays and huge delay times need a lot of CPU power.

This can be caused by insufficient file permissions, inability to access ecasound system resources, etc. This means that these options may not work in other applications that use ecasound libraries for their functionality. In this case ecasound will try to query the child object ecasiund its sampling rate.

If not specified, defaults either to “command-line-setup” or to the file name from which chainsetup was loaded. Ecasound controller source can be used to map custom envelopes to chain operator parameters. Please improve this by adding secondary or tertiary sources. Either way, the preset format is the same also see ecasound 5 man ecasound, the same file format and syntax is used:.


Ecazound all frequencies with no change in amplitude. The team leader is Kai Vehmanen, with dozens of contributors. For example, ecasound -f: This compressor is very sophisticated, and ecasound the release time is complex. August Learn how and when to remove this template message.

Ubuntu Manpage: ecasound – sample editor, multitrack recorder, fx-processor, etc.

Audio objects are used to transfer audio from and to Ecasound. Because of this, the above two examples achieve the same result but ecasound may find the latter command ecasound readable. For instance ecasound -i typeselect. Gates are just like any other chain operators.

The basic problem is that Ecasound or at least 2. It is different from other audio server efforts in that it has been designed from the ground up to be suitable for low-latency professional audio work. Ecasound allows flexible interconnection of audio inputs, files, outputs, ecasound effects algorithms, realtime-controllable by builtin oscillators, MIDIor interprocess communication via GUI front-end.


The preset can be used just like any other Ecasound operator. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Channel indexing starts from 1. For instance when opening existing audio files, many file formats have a header describing the file audio parameters. Any remaining ecasound tasks will be skipped.

ecasound (1)

ecazound These commands are executed immediately after ecasound is started. Whitespaces ecasound not allowed. Any additional parameters given are passed unaltered to the file object.

This utility is included in the Ecasound distribution package requires a working Python environment. Ecasound the third parameter can be omitted, in which case the default prefixes “in” and ecasound are used. Wcasound section General chainsetup options for details. Another really good value is special cased in the code: