Super-producer Dallas Austin was so knocked out by da Backwudz that he signed the duo and reactivated the Rowdy label. Tracks like “You Gonna Luv Me” and “The World Could Be Yours” — also produced by Black , a Midwesterner who does little to affect the duo’s Southernness — combine Southern machine bump with flipped soul samples worthy of Just Blaze or Kanye West , and the MCs are adept over slow-grinding funk and bracingly tense soul, utilizing their heavy drawls and lyrical versatility. You have to be logged in to post a comment. JonM July 18th 18 Comments. Please enable JavaScript in your browser to use the site fully.

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The album is divided neatly in half by its only interlude track, “Wood Grain,” which is itself an interesting listen, beginning with deep guitars and synths followed by a harmonized lyric that soberly draws the line between the no-work-and-all-play first half and the second bwckwudz, which consists backuwdz exclusively of serious but not overwrought tracks that paint impressionistic pictures of poverty and struggle without getting too complex and pulling Da Backwudz out da backwudz wood work their element.

Wood Workclocking in at 16 tracks and over 66 minutes, hardly a skit or interlude among them, reflects the years of preparation Da Backwudz stuffed into their expansive and sonically diverse first release. The last three tracks round out the yin and yang of the rest of the record with a chill vibe, as “Same Song” smoothly segues between the strongest ghetto anthem, “Lock And Load,” and the requisite weed anthem, “Smoke Wod Ride.


Smoke N Bxckwudz Marcus Thomas. With this track, and the slow-burning, entirely serious but still clubworthy “Lock And Load” that follows it, Da Backwudz back up their political statements with undeniable fervency. Tweet user ratings 7.

JonM July 18th 18 Comments. Their flows will remind you da backwudz wood work OutKast, but their lyrical approach is quite different. Drinking Hanging Out In Love.

Zebra Moderator July 17th Comments. Even with all this material, the record rarely feels cramped, only showing signs of strain well beyond the half-way mark.

Welcome 2 Da Backwudz. Rhymes about girls, weed, cars, and jewelry are never too self-involved, and when the earnestly sung hook to “Fantastic” kicks in, you begin to realize that Da Backwudz are lovingly making fun of Dirty South hip hop.

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If Da Backwudz followed a track like “Fantastic” with some Dead Prez flag-burner, the record would be absurd, but that is not Backwudz style. Release Date April 18, This Message Edited On Streams Videos All Posts.

By the end of this track, the message is clear: Half an hour into the album, you’re jumping out of your seat and getting crunk, but you’re smiling and laughing while doing so. Styles Dirty South Southern Rap.

Today the Dirty South, tomorrow the world. AllMusic relies heavily on JavaScript. They’re certainly not serious, and they’re definitely within the acceptable norm of Dirty South club track subject matter, minus most of the misogyny and a little bit lighter da backwudz wood work the materialism, but the lyrical dexterity would handicap Lil Jon.


They’re technically from the backwoods of Decatur, but they certainly fit within the context of fellow groups and MCs that have come from Atlanta proper. Da backwudz wood work beat drops with a depth you can feel in your gut, almost subsonic. Making Money Counting Hundreds.

That’s the kind of remark one might expect from someone who has spent the majority of the last few years working with U. The next few tracks continue to expand on Dirty South lyrical and musical themes, never following convention and never getting mired in the gangsta posturing that hinders many a Southern MC.

Feel free to begin your listen skeptically, but prepare to be converted. Romantic Evening Sex All Themes. I’ve never heard of this but I dig rap albums without any useless skits or interludes.

Da Backwudz – Wood Work (album review ) | Sputnikmusic

I’ll Do Marcus Thomas. Whatcha Know ‘Bout My Life. Site Copyright Sputnikmusic. I’m also gonna make a dub version of “Octopus’s Garden.