And while we’re busy patting ourselves on the back for producing a talent like Chance, we should remember that the neighborhoods helped create Chief Keef too, for better or for worse. I know that personally. He has won over parents and teachers with the millions he donated and helped raise for Chicago Public Schools. While neither Keef nor Reese have overtly responded to 6ix9ine’s diss, both rappers uploaded social media posts that could be taken as clapbacks. He adds, “What y’all gon’ give me? While there, he gives out food to the homeless, claiming, “These other Chicago rappers don’t give back. Fuck are y’all niggas talking about?

chief keef ggm diss

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Surveillance video from the scene shows two masked men tailing the rapper in a van, and firing shots at him.

chief keef ggm diss

Young listeners are also attracted to his gang ties — a sign of authenticity in the perception-conscious rap world. Then there’s Chief Keef, 21, the dread-headed stepchild of Chicago rap, remembered as much for problems with the law and his halted concerts as his music. This time, Chief’s Keef’s BM appears on a radio show and kesf her sexual encounter with 6ix9ine, in another attempt to spite Sosa.

It is to this Chicago that Chance and Chief Keef came of age, the sons of a gfm black community thatAfricans-Americans have left since the early s. Peep Reese and Keef’s social media posts seemingly responding to the videos beneath Kefe IG posts. For his part, Reese uploaded an image of himself to Instagram, captioning the post with a message for fake tough guys. The year-old looked up from his iPhone and made eye contact.


chief keef ggm diss

The genesis of the two rappers’ issues is somewhat murky. Discussing Chance, they said glowing things about his music, adding that they supported him because of his positive message and local connection.

While there, he gives out food to the homeless, claiming, “These other Chicago rappers don’t give back. If Chicago is to solve the cipher of gangs, street violence and abandonment, it first needs to figure out how to turn its disadvantaged, desperate young men into productive citizens.

Chance and Chief Keef: A tale of two rappers – Chicago Tribune

Though 6ix9ine was in Los Angeles at the time of the shooting, police start an investigation into whether the rapper has keec connection to the two men who shot at Keef in New York City weeks prior. Hopefully, this situation either stays on social media or dies down in the near future. From there, things have continued, and possibly turned violent between the two rival factions.

Motherfuckers ain’t on that. I know that personally. Even in neighborhoods where teens are recruited as gang assassins, Chief Keef gave hope to gangsters that their rhymes could be a means for escape cjief it had been for Chief Keef himself. But I’m a big fan. Watch the latest movie trailers.

Clearly a move taken from 50 Cent’s book. He has won over parents and teachers with the millions he donated and helped raise for Chicago Public Schools. He remained mumsimply stating, “We don’t have scary incidents. Chance, who won three Grammy awards this year and is headlining Lollapalooza, has become the city’s odds-on favorite. He adds, leef y’all gon’ give me? Chance the Rapper, left, and Chief Keef, right, represents two different sides to rap music coming out of Chicago.


Taking aim at Sosa—and inexplicably Lil Reese—6ix9ine posts a chiec video on social media in which he calls out the Chicago rappers. As soon as the Brooklyn rapper begins dissing Disd and Sosa, she takes the dog, which appears to be her’s, out of 6ix9ine’s hands and walks away from the camera’s view.

Chance and Chief Keef: A tale of two rappers

Chance represents the multitude of socially conscious and social-climbing youth who, through talent diiss ambition, have a legitimate shot of success despite living in crumbling communities.

Tekashi continues his trolling ways when offering an explanation about why Chief Keef may have been the victim of a shooting, telling TMZ, “I guess Chief Keef—you know, he’s a gangsta rapper.

The pettiness continues with 6ix9ine demanding copies of Chief Keef’s Bang 3, Pt.

Share on Twitter Share on Facebook. They’re seeing things a different way. Telling two totally different stories. The problems seem to be at least tangentially related Tekashi’s beef with Tadoea Sosa affiliate.