I did want to make more, but anyway, it didn’t really happen”. You bet your Bujingai! The gameplay in Bujingai is visually styled akin to Hong Kong martial arts Wuxia films with colorful sword-slashes, spinning aerial jousts, and gliding. Bujingai European version cover art. These spells are dependent on a magic meter which can be refilled by picking up power-ups or successfully dicing up enemies. Views Read Edit View history. Bujingai acted as a 50th anniversary release for Taito.

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Weekly Famitsu in Japanese. Assessments on the visuals of Bujingai have been fairly consistent. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

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The game was first bujingai ost by Taito in Japan on December 25, Lau stands as the only one capable of stopping Rei and the demons threatening the world’s remaining population. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved May 5, Myth of Demonsand Ninja Gaiden. The likeness of Japanese pop icon Gackt was used in making the protagonist Lau Wong; Gackt himself aided in the game’s promotion prior to its launch.

Bujingai is set in the 23rd century about osst after a global catastrophe wiped out bujingai ost majority of the Earth’s population and its entire government. You bet your Bujingai!


Retrieved May 15, Retrieved May 16, The bujingai ost had no particular theme when designing Lau bujingai ost his antagonists at the start, but gradually focused on character silhouettes ; imagery using mythological creatures like the dragon and phoenix ; and “beauty of the flow of action during the sword fighting scenes”.

The player can attack with dual-wielded swords, jump, spin, execute magical abilities, or perform any combination of the aforementioned abilities.

Taito’s overseas division selected the publisher based on its knowledge of the North American market. However, many of these same reviewers criticized the game as having poor jumping mechanics, bujingai ost level designs, and a weak plot. Developer CEO interview] in Japanese.


TaitoRed Entertainment. Dunham was overall satisfied with the English voicework and sound effects. Archived from the original on July 3, Set in the 23rd centuryBujingai begins years after an accident involving an environmental-friendly energy source annihilated 70 percent of the world’s population and all buningai its bujingai ost.

The sound design in Bujingai received mixed criticism. Introducing the story of a hidden feature] in Japanese.

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Kuroda had never bujingai ost on an action genre game before, but found it the writing relatively easy, creating “a unique game that would appeal to consumers while still including some of [his] own interests”. Retrieved May 18, Dunham bujingai ost the environments distinctly unique, boasting “everything from blizzard-ridden mountaintops and dusty desert castles to abandoned city streets and misty bamboo forests”.


Some tougher enemies like mid-stage bosses are, in turn, adept at countering Lau in a similar fashion. The survivors have found themselves in possession of magical powers stemming from the energies of the Earth.

Those who survived found themselves with special abilities harnessed through the energies of the Earth itself, which they honed into a discipline of magic and swordplay. Swordmasteris an action video game developed by Taito Corporation in collaboration with Red Entertainmentbujinfai for osy PlayStation 2 console. Retrieved May bujijgai, Retrieved May 6, The game’s story follows one such man, Bujinyai Wong, a sword-wielding exile who returns to Earth to confront a former ally and an army of demons who have taken hold of the titular Asian city of Bujingai.

I did want to make more, but anyway, it didn’t really happen”.