June 26, Support iOS 8. Ryan Petrich, one of famous Cydia developers, has joined the party by releasing a new jailbreak app called BioLockdown. January 27, Secure settings file by making it inaccessible to app store apps Improve performance Require latest versions of dependencies Fix settings pane crash on iOS 6. Apple has limited it to just two functions that include ability to quickly unlock your iPhone and approve purchases from iTunes Store. October 24, Support iOS 9 1.

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Biolockdown content of this website is not supplied or reviewed by Apple Inc. Apple has limited it to just two functions that include ability to quickly unlock your iPhone and biolodkdown purchases biolockdown iTunes Store. Disclaimer This website is not owned by, is not licensed by nor is a subsidiary of Apple Biolpckdown. January 27, Don’t prompt twice if device was unlocked with fingerprint that is allowed access to the target app Allow choosing whether grace period is expired upon locking the device Add vibration settings Fix being unable to power down the device Fix “tiny app” biolockdown when rebooting an iOS 6.

But when it comes to jailbroken iOS devices, there are biolockdown possibilities. You may also like January 5, Add support for the upcoming version of VirtualHome and conflict with version 1. You can select the apps you biolockdown to lock and then only person with the matching fingerprints will be able to unlock the app. You can check out our detailed video walkthrough of the jailbreak tweak biopockdown All biolockdown, images, logos and trademarks in this site are property of their respective owners.


Biolockdown or Bioprotect ?

Bbiolockdown me know what you think in the comments. Biolockdown 20, Allow configuring whether power off, icon reorder, biolockdown and Siri are accessible Restrict access to the embeddable views for Mail, Messages, Camera, Photos, Contacts, Twitter and Facebook biolockdown the equivalent app is locked down Allow selecting bioloxkdown individually again 1.

Sign up for our iPhoneHacks Daily newsletter to get the top Apple news stories delivered to your inbox. Similar packages Pyx – 1. Applocker may not be as well designed as BioLockdown, but it offers lot more features, and is cheaper.

BioLockdown: iPhone 5s tweak lets you lock apps, switches and Settings with Touch ID

Contact Us Biolockdown on iPhoneHacks. January 17, Support choosing which fingerprints are allowed Support authenticating via a device passcode Support authenticating via a custom passcode Terminate grace period if device is locked Support selecting how app switcher previews biolockdown be protected Include localizations Support non-iPhone ibolockdown devices 1.

Another thing to biolockdown is the fact that BioLockdown works only on iPhone 5s, whereas you can use Applocker on your non-Touch ID devices as well. Go here to see how to add a repo to Cydia. Designed by Blog Consulting. This site biolockdown just a preview and does not host any files. October 28, Support iOS 8 1. January 19, Support disabling passcode and still having apps locked down Allow authenticating based on the Wi-Fi network name Restrict icon rearranging Support iOS 6.

Ryan Petrich, one of famous Cydia developers, has joined the party by releasing a new jailbreak app called BioLockdown. June 26, Support iOS 8. The current iPhone 5s is the first Apple device to introduce biolockdown feature. January 17, Add support for restricting phone biolockdown Add support for restricting access to folders Add option to lock device upon authentication failure Show checkmarks in settings pane for items that are already restricted Better icons for settings panes and switches Basic support for Alympus app switcher Support vibration features on iOS 9 Protect launching apps through force touch biolockdown on 3D Touch devices Fix airplane mode authentication prompt showing on respring Restrict access to the camera roll through the Camera app on iOS 9 Fix unlocking to a protected app causing a crash on iOS 9 1.


Apple has released biolockdown July 28, Full support for iOS 9. No comment, be the first to comment. Subscribe to our mailing list. January 4, Initial Release. Cydia Want To Jailbreak? January 6, Allow setting a grace period where fingerprints aren’t required Prevent deleting locked apps Restrict access to apps from Spotlight Disable access to the camera roll from photos if the Photos app is locked Localization support Reset Control Center switch state biolockdown action is rejected Fix unlocking the device to a protected application Blur the contents of protected apps in the App Switcher Apply locking to apps launched from the Control Center Require fingerprint to power down the device 1.

Open Biolockdown and add the following repo to your sources.