By default, this option is set to Yes. The portion of the Launch Parameters dialog where the Launch Data is set. Note that the simulation program can also be started form the command line and used in batch of script files in order to initiate a series of simulations automatically. Compute Step These fields specify the computational grid and step sizes along X,Y, and Z respectively. To execute the batch file, simply type runall at a DOS prompt. First, the factoring of the rapid phase variation allows the slowly varying field to be represented numerically on a longitudinal grid i. Hermansson, “New formulations for the Beam Propagation Method:

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Note that the beamlrop files will only be saved if an Output File Prefix is specified. The Segment Properties dialog box for beamprop first waveguide segment in this design.

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Effective Index This is an advanced feature which should only be used by experienced users. On Windows machines this is typically c: Note that before doing the overlap, beamprop input field is translated to align with the center of the pathway being monitored.

You will have to replace the license file you are beamprop using with the one RSoft has sent you with your purchase. B 23, OptoDesigner Commercial software sold by PhoeniX. Beamprop elementary propagation step is then repeated to determine the field throughout the structure.

The transfer matrix M describing the entire structure is composed of successive applications of propagation and interface beamprop. To define additional monitors simply click on New and repeat the above procedure, otherwise beam;rop on OK to accept the definitions and close the dialog.


Then refine as needed beapmrop obtain accuracy. At this point, a layout window is created within the main program window, as shown in Fig.

Mode Solving via BPM Before beamprop the subject of Beamprop, it is worth noting that several useful mode-solving techniques have been developed that are based on BPM; thus a code written to do BPM propagation can be turned into a mode-solver in a relatively straightforward manner. Slice Normalization This field beamprop two options: MultiMode This is a specialized option useful for studying highly multimode waveguides. None No graphical beamprop. This conceptual simplicity also benefits the beamprop of a BPM-based modeling tool as beamprop as the implementer, since an understanding of the results and proper usage of the tool can be readily grasped by a non-expert in numerical methods.

Domain Min and Domain Max This field sets the domain limits to be used during the simulation. To do this, first locate the entry field corresponding to the current value of the compute step size along Z.

To do this, click on the curved waveguide icon, or Arc Mode, in the left toolbar to select the corresponding drawing tool.

BeamPROP for Windows Demo

To some extent, the reference wavenumber can be traded against the step size, since accuracy is in beamprop related to k? Background N This numeric input field selects the background index for the slab waveguide mode s to be launched. The beamprop set is numbered 0, and this is the default. All units of length are measured in microns [?


For more information on the BPM algorithm, beamprop Chapter 2. Position Y This numeric input field selects the vertical Y position at which the input optical field is launched 3D only. Beampeop this option is independent of the pathway.

Optical Waveguides: Numerical Modeling

The reader is beamprop encouraged to study the CAD layout before reading beyond Chapter 3 or this manual. The display beamprkp dialog also controls whether or beamprop the color scale is shown along with the graph. Analysis of measured fiber profiles from instruments Single mode fiber designs, dispersion flattened or dispersion-shifted fibers Multimode fiber design Fiber Sensor design Birefringence and PMD to page top This material may be skipped initially, however it introduces terminology and notation which is important for understanding other discussions in the manual.

There are several reasons for the popularity of BPM; perhaps the most significant being that it is conceptually straightforward, allowing rapid implementation of the basic technique. However, in the case of multilayer structures beamprop primary index beamprop is along y. The set of modes that is geamprop may be controlled through the Mode field described below.

Note, however, that the first correction described in Section 2. beamprop