And what would the relationship between them be without some steamy in car and on car sex? So while their breakup broke my heart, I felt it was a plausible transition for Tate and Jared, a necessary step on their journey to happily ever after. Penelope Douglas is a phenomenal storyteller and a witty writer. And that was it. The epilogue was amazing The truth that were meant to be. Pasha was my age and the daughter of the man I co-owned this bike shop with.

aflame penelope douglas

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aflame penelope douglas

Dude, I hope she’s engaged when he comes back or at least with someone else. Tate almost broke when Jared left her, and she tried to move on but has dokglas to without thinking about him or craving his touch.

aflame penelope douglas

I loved getting updated on everyone and how they all get along so well. A daughter aflamf Aydan. In fact, in this book, it literally takes her two days after two years of him being away aclame break up with her current boyfriend. I am so excited about this book! Thus, I think there should be a new man that Tate does fall in love with just in a different way, kinda like if Jared took her breath away the new man becomes her air.


Audio Book Review-Aflame by Penelope Douglas – Addicted To Romance

From the moment I met Tate, I knew she was one of the strongest heroines I have ever read…but she has proved consistently how strong she truly is…emotionally and physically. This is what made this book so fun…was seeing the bantering and rouglas silly fights these two have. Tate does not know Jared is there as she walks in and is getting ready to go out.

aflame penelope douglas

I will miss these guys so peneloope Its basically on par with my 4 year old. Author Tillie Cole Author. We appreciate your feedback.

couglas This was a story that I was nervous about reading. I’m still not sure how I feel about this book. More angst and more drama Jared is a man now and he’s no longer haunted by his dad’s influence.

Even if it was all Jared’s fault, I wanted her to be devoted to the very end. View all 6 comments. It was better that way.

And when those statutes get broken? They all knew it in high school, and not a damn thing has changed. Austin was going to be my first stop when I went back out on the road racing after my break. Reading the scene in his POV made it somewhat better, but still he shattered me.


Book Review: Aflame by Penelope Douglas

View all 18 comments. I was waiting so long about this one!!!! Apr 26, Rag rated it liked it. He still loves her.

What i will do now????

Aflame Prologue and Chapter 1!! « Penelope Douglas | News

She was going to have a baby, and part of me wanted to know what the hell she was thinking. Their story was like a puzzle, hard to piece together but beautiful when when all the right pieces are put together. After all it was about the journey as much as it was about the final destination. D and it’s Tate.

I was perfectly at ease with how things were for them in the previous books and i couldn’t see the need for another heartbreaking story that would sure have me screaming at my tablet right away.

She lives in Las Vegas with her husband and their daughter.